Olive Wood PIMFA


With over 25 years experience in wood working, our olive wood artisans in Navarra, Spain hand select each piece of wood for maximum quality, then it is hand carved, sanded, dried and finally oiled to bring out the wood´s exquisite grain and contrasting hues.  All of our pieces are meticulously crafted from one solid piece of olive wood. Their smooth finish and rich color make these pieces equally a pleasure to use and display.

Choose from olive wood serving bowls, decorative home accessories and utensils that are natural pieces of art and 100% Spanish.


Reportaje realizado por EiTB en nuestro taller, narrado por Antxon Aguirre Sorondo. Historiador, Antropólogo y Etnógrafo Guipuzcoano.

Posted by Creaciones PIMFA on Tuesday, June 9, 2015