Chef Quality Paella Gift Set with Spanish delicacies


We’ve combined only top quality ingredients making an authentic and tasty paella Spanish gift set. Our enameled paella pan is chef quality and what most restaurants use throughout Spain. The paella rice absorbs just the right amount of flavor, and our saffron and olive oil are the finest quality available. Also included is 75g of sweet smoked paprika from La Vera, gourmet green olives and a box of delicious hard caramels made with Spanish pine nuts. We also include our favorite paella recipe.


Choose between a 14″ enameled paella pan or a 17″ enameled paella pan. Our 14″ enameled paella pan serves approximately 4 people. The 17″ pan serves approximately 6 people. All food ingredients are 100% natural and imported from Spain.

Additional information

Weight11 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 8 in