Sliced Lomo Iberico – Free Range Acorn Fed Pork Loin


The superb flavor and texture of Fermin products is the result of a slow curing process. This lomo Iberico is cured for a minimum of 3 months. It will be especially appreciated when served with other cured Spanish meats such as jamon and chorizo along with a good Spanish wine. It is freshly sliced and then vacuum sealed to maintain maximum flavor. Fermin lomo is gluten free, lactose free and does not contain nitrates.


Fermin brand lomo Iberico de bellota comes from the tenderloin of the black Iberian pig that has free ranged on acorns and natural herbs in the country side of Salamanca, Spain. The pork loin is seasoned with smoked Spanish paprika, garlic and sea salt, placed in a casing and cured for a minimum of 3 months. The result is a tender dried loin that is full of flavor and melts in your mouth.

Included are Three – 2 ounce packages of sliced lomo Iberico. Each 2 ounce package is sufficient for two to four appetizer servings. In order to appreciate it’s wonderful flavor, it is important to eat this lomo at room temperature.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 × 8 × 1 in