Spanish Saffron in Glass Jar. 0.5 grams

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We offer award winning saffron from La Rosera brand in Castilla La Mancha. Saffron is produced from carefully harvesting the vivid-red colored stigma of the saffron crocus flower. La Rosera hand picks the crocus at sunrise when the flower is still closed and the stigma is protected. The flowers are loosly placed in baskets ensuring that they will not be crushed. Each pistle is then hand picked from the flower, cleaned and dehydrated in the same day to maintain the color and flavor of the saffron spice making it ideal for adding flavor to all your paella, rice and culinary dishes.


La Rosera brand saffron creates magic by transforming the saffron crocus pistles into a flavorful spice while always maintaing the highest level of quality. A pinch of these saffron threads is all that is needed to add depth and color to paella or any Spanish recipe. 0.5 grams if saffron comes packaged in a glass jar inside a decorative box. Wholesale minimum 10 units

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