Talavera Ceramic Pitcher


This ceramic pitcher has vibrant colors that bring to mind the bright sun of Spain´s cheerful beaches and of outside tables filled with jugs of refreshing sangria. It has a traditional Spanish pattern that is beautifully hand painted by the de la Cal artists in Toledo, Spain.

This festive ceramic pitcher is completely hand shaped on a potter´s wheel and hand painted with a paintbrush by the de la Cal artists in Toledo, Spain. The pitcher is comfortably sized to hold approximately 40 ounces of liquid and its narrow mouth prevents ice cubes from splashing out when pouring.  It measures approximately 11 inches tall x 7 inches wide. As with all our ceramics this pitcher is lead free and food safe. You may wash your pitcher in the dishwasher though hand washing is always recommended.

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions14 × 10 × 10 in
Item Size:

11" x 7" (40 oz.)


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