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Spanish Interior Design

Decorate with Color!

Spanish interior design is ideal for creating a welcoming space that is casual and friendly while at the same time elegant and sophisticated. The combination of wood, terracotta and iron with vibrant accents of Spanish pottery capture the feel of Spain´s rustic villas, stone covered streets, sunny beaches and floral terraces. Mediterranean colors include both warm and cool tones of indigo blues, burnt orange, deep red, mustard yellow, browns and greens. Just this month Departures Magazine Home Design raves about using color for a fresh look.

The trend is to decorate with color!

Browse the internet for creative ideas and photos that show how easy it is to achieve Spanish decor: Impressive Interior Design suggests to “Have a look at some Spanish artwork, images of traditional Spanish events, such as bullfighting, flamenco dancing and fiestas and photographs of the country, also check out other homes that have been designed with a Spanish theme.

The website says “One easy way to experiment with subtle, Spanish-inspired style is to start with a few accents. Pick a shelf that needs updating and arrange some colorful pottery pieces.”  Spanish ceramics add the feeling of warmth while jazzing up your room.  For example, a dining room hutch is easily made more important by putting a display of Spanish ceramic plates, jars and dishes.  From Spain is happy to help put together a tableware display for you. Just send us a photo of the space where you want to create a display along with your preferred colors, and we will send you photos and suggestions.

Another fantastic Spanish-inspired look is easily achieved by adding a mosaic wrought iron table to a kitchen, dining room or patio.

From Spain Iron & Mosaic Table

Mosaic Table Top

From Spain offers a selection of finest quality iron and mosaic tables and we can special order one in the mosaic tile colors or pattern that is just for you.

Hanging Spanish plates on the wall creates a colorful Mediterranean decor.  Pinterest has numerous photos of hanging wall plates and show just how spectacular this Spanish design makes a room look.

Hanging Plate Wall Display

A final touch for a festive and colorful Spanish touch is to set your table with Spanish plates.  Mix and match patterns or use a single Spanish design to create an attractive and inviting table setting.

Spain Mosaic ceramic tableware
Seville Pattern Spanish Tableware

The use of straw baskets and hand painted garden pots around the house add additional creativity and make for a lovely Spanish home.

Please send us your own photos using From Spain products.  We love to see how you use our products to decorate and entertain!

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